A smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor. Upon the ship’s return to Copenhagen, he was called to serve his military service. This, however, was not the place for Eric either. He disobeyed orders and fought his superior, ending up spending time in military prison. Even after his release, Eric still struggled to fit into the lifestyle of a regular citizen. And deep down, he knew why. The sea was calling to him…

Eric the sailor



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Authentic swimwear
swim shorts for men
orginal vintage design

Authentic Swimwear

Eric the Sailor is a series of unique vintage Men’s Swimwear, inspired by the true story of a sailor named Eric and his life at sea. The collection includes swim shorts, t-shirts, caps, a shoulder bag and more – all created in vintage design and colours for a distinctive and stylish look. Browse the collection in our shop and find your favourite

Swim shorts for men

The swim shorts for men are made in comfortable high-quality fabric (polyester) with two side pockets and an adjustable drawstring waist. Each style carries its own story and unique expression, inspired by the old sailor values and life at sea, and the elegant Scandinavian design makes them a perfect fit for t-shirts and tank tops. Wear them as swim trunks or regular shorts and create your own style.

orginal vintage design

Original vintage design Eric the Sailor combines the current trends within Scandinavian design with a unique summer expression. From vintage swim trunks to casual t-shirts and elegant accessories, all products are made from comfortable high-quality fabric. Find inspiration for your style and greet the summer with a trendy summer look inspired by the old sailor values

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