Eric's Story

Early 1900's, Denmark

Growing Up

Eric was born in the early 1900’s in Copenhagen. Growing up in a rich family with housekeepers and high expectations, Eric never really felt at home. He wanted to be free of boring formalities and explore the world. To live a life of adventure.

1916, Denmark

The Runaway

One night, at the age of 13, Eric jumped out his window and took off. Having always been fascinated by the ocean and life at sea, he set course for Nyhavn – the harbour of Copenhagen. And the next morning, he boarded a training ship without looking back. His journey had begun.

1923, Denmark

Through stormy nights

But a smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor. Upon the ship's return to Copenhagen, he was called to serve his military service. This, however, was not the place for Eric either. He disobeyed orders and fought his superior, ending up spending time in military prison. Even after his release, Eric still struggled to fit into the lifestyle of a regular citizen. And deep down, he knew why. The sea was calling to him...

1930, Denmark

Rising through the ranks

Fuelled by passion, Eric took up work as a deckhand at a freighter. Through hard work and a charismatic personality, the young sailor made quite a name for himself over the years, and eventually rose to become first mate of his ship. He became known for taking chances, seeking out adventures and pursuing his dreams at any cost. And soon, there was soon no part of the world that Eric had not yet seen.

1935, Denmark

Living the passion

Around the world, people would tell stories of "Eric the Sailor" and how he had turned his back on wealth and comfort to live life on his own terms. A true sailor. From the bow of the ship, he would stand every night gazing over the horizon. Looking for his next adventure. No hesitation, no doubts. He was finally home.