The history about Sy Nautilus

Eric the Sailor currently has an incredibly exciting collaboration with the boys behind the sailing ship SY Nautilus. Eric follows them closely on their fascinating world tour, where we love receiving cool photos and videos from their experiences. It is our great honor to convey their adventures through our platforms. SY Nautilus is in many ways comparable to the things Eric himself did during his time as a sailor. That is why we at Eric the Sailor are proud to be able to support Frederik and Emil.

The story of how Sy Nautilu’s journey starts is reminiscent of many ways in which Eric decided to experience the world of wind in the sails. Two boys aged 15 sit in a cold Copenhagen apartment and dream away – a dream they quickly got taken care of and made a reality – the dream of traveling the world at sea.

All the beginning is difficult, it was also something Frederik and Emil had to true as they started by digging into the experiences and stories of others traveling the world around. With no experience in sailing, where do you start?
The first and most important thing was to find the right ship. There are many ships and for each of their purposes they are good enough ships. For a land crossing it requires much more. The ship must have space, the ship must be strong and then one must fall in love with it. Then it takes hard work to get into the specific “sailor language” – fiberglass, galvanic corrosion, rig, motor care – yes the list of new words was long for Emil and Frederik.

After a long search, it then found the redemption – a ship built in 1988 in Germany; Nautilus. An elderly lady who carried around a sea of ​​stories and stories – something of which the beautiful sailing ship, however, also had the mark. Nautilus is a hammering nice 55 foot fiberglass ship. In front of the two boys lay a challenge they could hardly imagine. But where there is will there is a way – something Eric can only recognize. After the boys had put in the first 500 hours of work, it was clear; they were in love with Nautilus. A lot more hours later Frederik and Emil were licensed to sail Nautilus – but still had almost no experience of sailing – and not at all enough to hijack the wild world garden.

Fortunately for them, the sea around Denmark is sometimes very windy. When we cover others when the dmi warns of storm and coal, the boys put on their suits and go out in the Kattegat, the Sound or the Baltic. The training was all worth it.
On 9/10 they invite friends and family out to the port of Tuborg where they looked each other deep in the eyes and promised to fight to the last – in true sailor’s manners. Then the anchor was relieved and the compass pointed 180 degrees to the south.

A long hard and emotional time had finally borne fruit. At the time of writing, Sy Nautilus is anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Nuku Hiva – and the boys are enjoying life under a palm tree. However, their amazing journey is far from over. Eric the Sailor is proud to have contributed equipment to their world tour and is pleased that the “sailing spirit” and the desire to challenge himself and the oceans continue to spread throughout the world.

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